It’s all in the name…

Sisterz with Blisterz obviously has it’s literal meaning – there is absolutely no way the three of us are going to escape this challenge of a lifetime, 100K walk from London to Brighton, without the discomfort of blisters.  And the truth is blisters are going to be just a small part of the pain we will go through, aching muscles, emotions, moments of utter despair and total exhaustion are about to fill our life.

All three of us Sisterz are or have been single working mums , all of us know what it is to struggle, all of us know what it is to come home from a tough day at work to begin our other jobs – the chef, accountant, taxi driver, event planner, clown, counsellor, housekeeper, cleaner, teacher and all service with a smile because the customer is always right!  I think you get my drift and ok yes you could argue that this is the story for most adults but add single and kids to the mixture – it’s tough work!

And so the three of us decided to take on a challenge (as if we didn’t already have enough to do already)….. yep total and utter madness!!

For me, the massive commitment we have taken on hit me about 5km into my second training walk.  There I was in the middle of nowhere, 5km from anywhere, muddy, emotional and then I broke a nail!

I guess you are wondering how ever did she manage to break a nail on a hike??  Well… imagine, if you will, me striding (stomping actually because I was annoyed), swinging my arms, water bottle in hand – well the water bottle flew from my hand and as I dived into the air to catch it (basketball practice from a previous life helped here), before it fell into the biggest, muddiest puddle…. I think you can imagine the rest.

Anyway, there I am in the middle of nowhere, muddy, emotional, broken nail, missing my heels and by now thinking ‘that’s it!  I’ve had enough!’ and then through my earpieces came:

“No place that I’d rather be than right here, right now
No time that I’d rather be than right here, right now”  (Lyrics from Amber Changing, Rise Against)

Typical!  I had to laugh!

You see, for me, this challenge is so much more than raising money (although yes that is important), it is so much more than the pain and the agony, the commitment and the struggle.  It is more than the excitement, the anticipation, the achievement.  Sisterz with Blisterz to me has a much deeper meaning.

Sisterz is about the bonding,  learning about each other and most probably the bickering that we will experience.  Sisterz are what we will be when each of us reach that low, when we have to pull together to urge each other on, when we have to unite and be there for each other.  And at the end, when we cross that finish line, us sisterz will celebrate together, an achievement, an accomplishment, a feeling and a moment in time shared.

So the blisterz? Each of us have blisters on our hearts and on our souls, caused by the constant friction of hurts, the battles we fight, the struggles, the fears, the shattered promises and dreams.  A blister is formed to protect us from further damage, to cushion the blows and to allow what is underneath to heal.

Maybe, just maybe some of those blisters will heal and maybe, just maybe the blisters of doubt, confidence and belief in ourselves will be the first…… and maybe this is where I need to be in my life, right here, right now.

Courage speaks 🙂