Ali aka Courage – the lion

So here’s me:  a bit mad, a bit rebellious, a bit of a drama queen with an accent and a passion for fashion!  Talk too much, laugh lots, smile more and going to live this life loud 🙂

My reasons?  

  • because no one really believes I can do it – love those home comforts way too much!
  • for my kids
  • to inspire the young people I work with!
  • and because I can!

Why Help 4 Heroes?

  • my granddad, a hero, returned from WWI,  my uncle, a hero, never returned from WWII
  • my own hero, my son, will be reporting for duty on the other side of the world, whilst I am walking
  • my youngest son, a possible hero I never got to know, would have been celebrating his birthday on that day

But I have another reason why –

Just over three years ago, my son and his friends met at my home before they made the journey to RAF Brize Norton for the repatriation of one of their own.  They were so young.

They stood in silence waiting to leave and the grief of the departure of youth filled the moment.  The bonding of the very essence of life an unspoken connection between them.  That moment has stayed with me. Because they were so young.

Their friend was a hero who never returned.  He was so young.

But many more do come back and they are so young.

So this is for the lads, the lasses, the friends and the families of all those who swore to protect their Queen and country.  For all of the heroes…. my way to say thank you.

Please check out:

Help 4 Heroes and if you would like to support me


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